Côte Rôtie

Domaine Jamet Côte Rôtie Bouteille
  • The assemblage, a key word for Jean-Paul, makes it possible to access the Côte Rôtie of the Domaine Jamet. The variety of terroirs, exposure and the age of the vines are complementary elements that combine their strengths.
    Produced from twenty parcels and essentially in whole bunches, the wine is subsequently kept in barrels for twenty-two months.

  • Appelation

    Côte Rôtie

  • Geology

    Mainly various types of schist

  • Grape varieties

    100% Syrah

  • Vinification

    Whole bunches, maceration for about three weeks

  • Maturing

    22 months in barrels of which 15% are new

  • Ageing

    15 - 25 years

  • Plot

    20 parcels of which 15 are in different locations: Fongeant, Côte Blonde, Landonne, Côte Rozier, Plomb, Chavaroche, Moutonnes, Lésardes, Gerine, Truchet, Leyat, Bonnivières, Côte Bodin, Tartaras, Rochins

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